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User no longer receives email notifications even when personal setting is enabled

Question asked by ramilramasola on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by ramilramasola

Hello Guys,



We have a certain user in our organization who regularly receives activity Email Notifications from the sites where she belongs. Then a few weeks ago, this user no longer receives the Email Notifications while the other site members still receives Email Notifications. She also hasn't changed her settings since and we have double checked it also and is enabled in her settings.


We also have tried to view her settings through Webscript and is also set to receive email notifications.


We also tried refreshing her settings by disabling and re enabling through her Profile and also through cURL but still didn't solve the issue.


Are there any other ways to determine and fix this issue?


We're using Alfresco Enterprise Edition 4.1.10.


Feel free to ask additional details.



Ramil Ramasola

EDIT: Also checked on user's Spam folder. No Alfresco emails there.