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Downloading content from Alfresco with JavaScript and Ticket authentication

Question asked by zputnoky on Jul 27, 2017

Dear All,


Running a script each night to produce a status report. The script creates a CSV file and saves it into a folder. This CSV file need to be downloaded, imported in Excel and formatted. Of course, users are complaining. So we developed a small VBA program to do the import, formatting, etc.

We need to export the CSV file from the repository to the local filesystem (or onto a specified shared drive) where the VBA program is running.


We tried to use the http://[server]/alfresco/service/api/login?u=[user name]&pw=[password] to get a ticket. When I build the URL including the ticket and paste it into the browser the dowlonad works!


Is there a way to do this with JavaScript?


Thanks alot,




Zsolt Putnoky