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REST Deployment - Adding a category

Question asked by ebenezerlovelin on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by yolanda.wong

I am trying to deploy a bpmn file through REST API and I am following the steps mentioned here - Activiti User Guide 


I have been able to successfully deploy the bpmn file however, I do not see a way to add "category" to the deployment through the REST call.  The REST service completely ignores the category parameter I send.  The reason I say it ignores the category is because I am sending 2 parameters: tenantId as "sampleTenant" and category as "sampleCategory".  The service returns the following response


{  "id": "7657",  "name": "activiti-sample.bmpn",  "deploymentTime": "2017-07-13T14:54:26.750+02:00",  "category": null,  "url": "http://myserver:8081/service/repository/deployments/7657",  "tenantId" : "sampleTenant"}

So it has completely ignored the category parameter that I have sent since it does not give any errors.  


Is there a way to pass in "category" while deploying through REST API?