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the Activiti boundarytimer didn't work when added two or more

Question asked by karedom on Jul 31, 2017
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 i have encounted a problem.Can some friends help me?

i have tried that the  process can   move into next userTask automically when overtime if  a  userTask is added a boundarytimer .but if i added  a boundarytimer to the second userTask,the timer on the second userTask didn't work  at all,and it didn't wait for a certain time by setted.i have checked  the activiti data base,and found that the second userTask was deleted  at the same time as soon as the first userTask  was deleted .


My purpose is to implement  moving into the next userTask automically when the current userTask is overtime in every userTask .

How to implement it in activiti?


ps: The diagram and parameters setted as below: