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Open and read a TXT file stored in Alfresco

Question asked by zputnoky on Aug 1, 2017
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Dear All,

Got the following problem to solve. The user should be able to copy a set of property values between different documents. My idea is the following:

  • create a JS script which gets all the properties and their values from the selected content. It does check the content type and only works if the type is matching a certain type.
  • this script is launched from a document library action button called Copy Properties
  • the result should be a simple TXT look alike file in the user's 'My files' folder
  • create another script which should be launched on the target content. This should open the file created by the 1st script, read its content and update the target file properties with the values from the file. The type of the two contents should match to be able to do this. Once the properties are updated, delete the file.


Have all the codes to do the 1st part and the writing of property values.


How can I read a file stored in the 'My files' directoy and get its content?




Zsolt Putnoky