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Attached files nowhere to be found

Question asked by jaco-louis on Aug 2, 2017

Good day all


I am quite new here. I am currently modelling a process in the Activiti Community version.


I would like to be able to attach documents at some user tasks, which I have then created forms for, as well as added upload fields.


Whenever I create an app using the process that allows the attachment of files to forms, I am able to upload documents, but whenever I view the completed tasks, the upload shows to be empty. I am able to change other values on the form, which I can then view when reviewing the completed tasks, but any uploaded files do not display. Do you have any advice as to why I am unable to view the attached files?


I am able to use the "Add a document and share the knowledge" file upload, but I would like to be able to use the file upload in a custom form.


Any advice will be appreciated.


Kind regards