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The Activiti-app does not seem to render form based on formProperty definitions for a userTask.

Question asked by on Aug 7, 2017

I am using activiti 6.0. The activiti-app has been deployed to Tomcat. I have imported a process definition and am able to dtart the process and claim the task.


<userTask id="StartBook" name="Start Book: Assign authors for book" >
<activiti:formProperty id="bookTitle" name="Book Title" type="string" variable="bookTitle" />
<activiti:formProperty id="authorChapter1" name="Author Chapter 1" type="string" variable="authorChapter1" />
<activiti:formProperty id="authorChapter2" name="Author Chapter 2" type="string" variable="authorChapter2" />
<activiti:formProperty id="authorChapter3" name="Author Chapter 3" type="string" variable="authorChapter3" />


Is this way of form definition lo lomger supported? How do I define a form on the bpmn xml file rather than in activiti-app


Any direction is appreciated.