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Can't preview uploaded document using CMIS (in PHP)

Question asked by mperez on Aug 8, 2017

I'm using GitHub - donbalon4/API_Alfresco  (API for Apache Chemistry) to upload files through CMIS to my Alfresco repository from a PHP site.


Everything is working as expected, but Alfresco seems not to be able to preview documents when I left-click on them. If I click "View in browser" then I can view it perfectly.


Here's my code so far:


    require 'APIAlfresco/APIAlfresco.php';
    include 'connectAlfresco.php';


    $parent_name = $_POST['parent'];
    $uploaded_file = basename($_FILES['att_file']['name']); //Uploaded
    $base_folder = "/path/to/site/folder/"


    if (move_uploaded_file($_FILES['att_file']['tmp_name'], $uploaded_file)) {


            $conexion->setFolderByPath($base_folder); //Set base folder where files will be uploaded


        /*Check if dir already exists and create it if it doesn't */
            if($conexion->existsFolder($parent_name)) echo "Parent".$parent_name." already exists";
            else $conexion->createFolder($parent_name);


      /*Move uploaded file into folder */


    echo 'File infor:';



I guess that uploaded file is losing some kind of metadata so then Alfresco can not preview it. Any clue what's happening?


Thanks in advance.