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How to get absolute URL in script

Question asked by mfriedel on Aug 9, 2017

I am trying to write a script that among other things creates an entry into a wiki.

For that to work I need an absolute path to a Folder/Container object.

I need a link on which the user can click (and has to authenticate themselves) to get to the directory listing.



The url in the browser looks like this


I tried the following document properties/methods..


document.shareUrl= undefined
document.displayPath=/Company Home/Sites/test/documentLibrary/Test
document.url: /n/browse/workspace/SpacesStore/e4c4c027-c048-4913-8b32-9e03d7668927


None of those are easily usable. Display path has /Company Home/ prefixed. and no uri.


So do I have to assemble the URL myself ? I would hate to have to hardcode the servername.



I am attempting this on a 5.2 Community Edition.