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Breaking changes with upgrade from 5.x to 6

Question asked by vahid on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2017 by dougjohnson



I wanted to implement the ActivitiEventListener, to fire some actions after completing (either fail or success) the process.

Then I've noticed that it is in version 6. I've changed the version from 5 to 6 and found that lots of things won't work. 

For example, there is no more "signal" method in the interface "RuntimeService", so in our project in many places I see compile error with such line of code "activitiRule.getRuntimeService().signal(execution.getId());". 


So it seems that at the moment upgrading is not an option to me. Now my question is that in code how can I get notifications with the 5.x version, if the process is in a final state?


Thank you.