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Person Control Displaying ID instead of Name

Question asked by lsharman on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by lsharman

This is a re post with a small example of a previously asked question that I'm still struggling with.  


On completing a task, I need to determine the user that was assigned that task and store it so that on a subsequent form, I can display a People control with that user's name as the default value in the People control.  On the first task, I have a taskListener setup for Complete to get the assignee:  task.getExecution().setVariable('assignee',  task.getAssignee());


The People control on the subsequent form has an id of 'assignee'.  When the form displays, the user's id (i.e., 1002) is displayed instead of their name (i.e., John Doe).   I've tried declaring 'assignee' as a Process Variable of type people, string, and integer and also by not declaring it as a Process Variable.  How can I force the name to display instead of the user id?


Thanks in advance