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Notification of exceptions in UI app

Question asked by fconrady on Aug 11, 2017
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me and my group have been using Activiti 5.18 in combination with a third-party UI application that makes REST calls to Activiti. It would be easier for us if workflow engine and UI were part of a single library / framework. For this reason I am comparing the latest versions of Activiti, Flowable and Camunda, trying to see what they offer in terms of UI capabilities.


I found that in Camunda's Cockpit I get notified of exceptions as shown in the screenshot below. The origin of the exception is indicated graphically, I can see the stack trace and I can very easily click to the subprocess where the exception was thrown.


I did not see this functionality in Activiti's web apps. Can you confirm if Activiti has something like this or not? I want to make sure that I am not missing features that are actually there. (I vaguely remember something about Activiti Explorer showing red rectangles around active tasks, but I am not sure.)