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Activiti Spring Boot Integration

Question asked by koolanky2k5 on Aug 14, 2017

Hi Activiti Experts,


Recently I started evaluating various possibilities for integrating the Activiti Framework for automating a particular process in the organization.


I evaluated the Activiti 6.0 App which looks good but provides basic workflow related operations. Though the latest has a an issue related to Enum Types which designing form elements. 


I really liked the spring boot integration provided by Activiti, also performed some POCs and ll works well . 


Now this client needs two systems, first will be Activiti App which will be accessible to few users probably senior officials or admins. In this application they will manage and create the processes.


The other system which will be open to all the other users will be built using Spring Boot. 


I need suggestions and ideas of best possible way of integration. 


Currently I am thinking of integrating REST APIs directly using Angular.