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JS-Console - How to update node properties without altering modifier/modified date?

Question asked by neilecker on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by neilecker

I'd like to update a node property on all documents in a particular folder but would rather it not change the modifier to "admin" or update the modified date.  Can this be done directly from the Javascript Console?  It's a small thing so I would prefer not to have to create some server-side scripting for it.


Along the same lines, there's a parameter for "Run script as:" under the "Script execution parameters" tab in the console.  I've read that this should be set to "System" for elevated privileges but doing that also set the modifier to "admin" when the script updates node properties.  It would have been nice if using "System" would skip the audit part and leave the modified date and modifier alone.


The next best thing would be to have the modifier be set to a user that made sense rather than "admin" so I tried changing this to a specific user but again that sets the modifier to "admin" on the node.