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Is libreoffice supposed to be starting automatically?

Question asked by mfoster on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by mfoster

Can someone clarify if libreoffice is supposed to be started as a service when alfresco starts? I have inherited an Alfresco installation and libreoffice seems to be running as a service (at least I see an established "soffice.bin" process). However, on a test instance of the same version (5.0.d community), i do not see libreoffice running unless I go through these hoops [1] to fix the startup script and the script. If I *don't* make those changes to start libreoffice, then I cannot get a preview of plain text files on this test instance. The production instance seems to work, but I can't tell why or how libreoffice is starting to generate the preview, which works as expected. It does not have those startup script changes. From [2] and [3] there seems to be a lot of confusion on what's really happening.


Any info would be appreciated.


[1] Alfresco 5 Office Preview Fix · GitHub 

[2] [ACE-2390] has wrong paths - Alfresco JIRA 

[3] [MNT-12640] Unable to start/stop/retrieve status of libreoffice using - Alfresco JIRA