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issues with record management rest api and finding the id attribute

Question asked by dkolli on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by dkolli

Hi, I’m running into an issue with RM Rest API where it needs id attribute to GET/PUT/POST requests


For example to get info of the Record category, we need to provide RecordCategoryId


When I provide name of the Record Category test (which is a record category I created in Record Management site rm) or its id that I see in Record Management site is 2017-1503513893897 and I try with alfresco api explorer, I get the following error that it does not exist. 



  "error": {

    "errorKey": "framework.exception.ApiDefault",

    "statusCode": 404,

    "briefSummary": "Node does not exist: workspace://SpacesStore/2017-1503513893897 (status:null)",

    "stackTrace": "For security reasons the stack trace is no longer displayed, but the property is kept for previous versions",

    "descriptionURL": ""




Something isn’t right, May be I’m not providing the right attribute for this id. Where do i get correct RecordCategory Id?