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Cut off is not working

Question asked by seraryunnie on Aug 29, 2017
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Recently, I installed Records Management Community 2.6.
I created a rule on my repository that, when renaming documents with a certain name, the documents are declared as archival documents.
These archival documents are then transferred from "Unclassified Archival Records" to another file.
As I think everyone, the beginning of conservation does not happen automatically, it must be started manually.
But when I try, I have this message that appears "Unable to initiate storage start. Contact your CIO":

It still bores me a lot because it's me, the CIO, if I may say so...
After several tests, I can see that when I remove my rule from "Renaming -> Statement archive documents", I can manually trigger the start of retention.
I absolutely want to keep this rule of renaming in order to facilitate the work of future users ...

What can I do?

I put my logs as attachments.


Thank you in advance,