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How set a multiple property with the javascript api

Question asked by 4535992 on Aug 31, 2017
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Hi i have a little script for add a aspect and set some property:

// add the aspect to this document if it needs it
if (document.hasAspect("conta:contatore")) {
    logger.log("Document already as aspect conta:contatore");
} else {
    logger.log("Adding conta:contatore aspect");
//add a new property string["conta:soggetto_produttore"] = "";["conta:data_ultima_registrazione"] = new Date();//datetime["conta:tipo"] = "";["conta:amministrazione"] = "";["conta:destinatari"] = "";["conta:registrazioni"] = ""; //this is a multiple property how can i set with multiple value?


// save the property modifications;


i  cannot find a example for the correct way to set a property with multiple value , or what is the defult separator of alfresco if i insert a single string with many value.

Can someone show the way?