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Link between RetryingTransactionHelper and the table alf_transaction

Question asked by eroux on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by afaust


I've a scheduled action which process a lot of nodes. In order to not rollback all process when there is an error on a node, i've planed to execute the process of each node in a new transaction (with the RetryingTransactionHelper) = One transaction per node.


My question is : Is there a link between the component "RetryingTransactionHelper" and the table "alf_transaction" in the database ?


I don't want to increase the number of record in the "alf_transaction" table with transactions with only one node. "alf_transaction" table is used during the indexation process.


Or is there a risk to have a lot of records in the "alf_transaction" table with one node in each transaction ?

Thanks in advance.