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In sdk-3 how to test a customized class

Question asked by renogarfield on Sep 1, 2017
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I have a platform module,i try to update it to sdk-3 but can't test it on the maven build (only on maven), it work on "real" alfresco server.

i have a need to customise an existing alfresco java class (well i did'nt find any other way). On sdk-2 i could test it with the "virtualClasspath" and "searchVirtualFirst=true" but in sdk-3 it's said we don't need it, but i don't understand how to do it !

The module DO work, if i (simply) copy the jar file on an existing alfresco instance in a VM it work.On sdk-2 it work to.

But if i try it with sdk-3 the class used seem to be the original alfresco...


i try with hotswapagent (extraclasspath) and without but whatever is new class do work flawessly with a simple "mvn compile", but not the customized class. I did a lot "googleling" but find nothing.


Do someone know how to be sure a custom class can be read priorisise an existing class on maven sdk-3 ?


note: i too try to make it in amp and not an jar, same think...