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Data model from Content Services to Process Services

Question asked by marco.altieri on Sep 1, 2017

The page Importing content models | Alfresco Documentation describes how to import a dynamic content model from the content services to the process services.

This seems a very important feature when workflows are started and managed in the Alfresco content services.

If I am not wrong, the import has some important limitations:

  1. it works only on dynamic and not on bootstrapped content models;
  2. it cannot be used to update an existing definition: if the data model in the content services is modified, we cannot use the import to update the definition in the process services;
  3. it is a manual procedure that cannot be easily automated.

Are these assumptions true?

If yes, is there a better way to keep in sync the data model in the Alfresco Content Services and the Alfresco Process Services?