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I am new and I need help

Question asked by acordero on Sep 4, 2017

Hi I am new in Alfresco, my my born language is spanish and I need help, I was searching a few days and I could no found nothing about this , i would like to make a little change in alfresco share in the default page, in a test site, I have upload different documents for simulating a big upload and assignment of personalised metadata, I has made this metadata with their respective advanced search and now I have a new goal because is too uncomfortable to add the new metadata,  that is why I want to make one of this three option:



when I click "edit properties" in the list of files, appear a pop up, I want to know if is possible add the image of the file in the red block drawn in this pop up.



the advanced edit option have a big white place and I want to know if is possible add the file image in there.



in the expanded image appear properties, and i want to know if is possible change the text in a textblock editable for assignment the new metadata in this page.


Any of this three option would solve my trouble, i has searched  in a lot of sites and I could not found a way, if somebody know how to do it please help me!.


Probably my grammar is to bad and i sorry for it.