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Login fails with same name in different cases

Question asked by skushnerenko on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by cesarista

Alfresco 5.2.0 (r133656-b12) is synchronized with Active Directory (

We have problem, some person "marshall" succesfully authenticates via LDAP if person name is in lower case, but receives authentication error if person name is in upper case "MARSHALL" .

All  other persons may authenticate to Alfresco with username in both upper and lower case.

I suppose, that Alfresco keeps two person names, one in lower case and one in upper case with different passwords.

But by no means I can query the othe person with name "MARSHALL", only "marshall".

I tried CMIS queries :

SELECT * FROM cm:person where cm:userName='MARSHALL'

SELECT * FROM cm:person where cm:userName='marshall'

and I tried database query:

SELECT p.*,n.* FROM alf_node AS n, 
alf_node_properties AS p,
alf_qname AS q
WHERE AND q.local_name='person' and and string_value='MARSHALL'

How can I retrieve and delete person 'MARSHALL'?