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Delay in triggering the service task in asynchronous mode

Question asked by pdjyothish on Sep 7, 2017

Hello friends,


   I am facing an issue while executing the service tasks. I have configured a series of 6 service tasks in between two user tasks. On execution we are facing a delay of 10-20 seconds to start next service task. (ie delay in triggering the service task.) Once it is triggered, it will be completed in milliseconds time. We observed this behaviour mainly in VM's. The physical machines give better performance.


Can any one tell me what are the factors affecting the triggering of service tasks?


The additional details:


Activiti version:



Task settings:
asynchronous = true


Executor cofiguration:
Executor: org.activiti.engine.impl.asyncexecutor.multitenant.SharedExecutorServiceAsyncExecutor
Max pool size: 20


asyncExecutorEnabled: true
asyncExecutorActivate: true


                                                                                                                                                                        Thanks in advance,