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?Rest Call Task without code doesn't exist in Activiti Editor app

Question asked by maayanl on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2017 by maayanl

Hi All,

I read on the internet that Activiti has the ability to integrate with rest endpoints by a task called: Rest Call Task.

I use Activiti 5.18 and It doesn't have Activiti Rest Call Task in editor app.

I updated Activiti to version 6 by download Activiti 6, copied the wars into the webapps folder and start tomcat. (is there anything else I need to do?)

Activiti 6 doesn't contain Rest Call Task either.

Any reason why?


This is the site that demonstrate using Rest Call Task without code in Activiti:

Activiti REST Call Task Demonstration 


I found many differences between the demo app and my app:

In the demo:

In identity management - they have 5 tabs: Tenants, Users, Capabilities, Organization, Personal

In kickstart App - they have 4 tabs: Processes, Forms, Apps, Stencils

In my app:

In Identity management - I have 3 tabs: Users, Groups, Personal

In kickstart App - I have 4 tabs: Processes, Forms, Decision Tables, Apps


What am I missing?


Thanks all