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How to find the ACS site folderPath of the document which is part of an APS process linked to ACS(not copied over to APS act_data)?

Question asked by paiyyavj13 on Sep 15, 2017
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I am using APS 1.6.4 and ACS 5.2.0,


I have an APS process which takes in an ACS linked document, this document is approved within the process.

Once Approved I am supposed to move the document from the existing site to another site with the same exact folder structure as present with the exisitng site for e.g. existingSite\documentLibrary\{path} to newSite\documentLibrary\{path} where value of path remains same.


I am aware of the Publish to ACS task, but could I get some pointers on how to use ACS apis from APS to achieve the use-case.


Any help would be appreciated... Thank you...