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How the process executed in spring scenarios?

Question asked by vamsinipun on Sep 19, 2017

Hi Team,


     My main theme is design a sample process like addition of two numbers by using listeners in spring. 

This process i was designed in spring by using activiti plug-in and tested this by using static values in spring. but now, i want to use this in my real time spring application instead of actviti explorer.


Here i am facing some obstacles. i need your help to overcome this. The obstacles are

  1. In activiti explorer, the frames and fields clearly displayed. But in spring, how can i display the frames? can i design it by my own? 
  2. Is process are useful to execute in spring framework or execute only in activiti explorer? ( do not give testing example of spring )
  3. I have my own tables for user login and activiti gave some tables. if i create an user from front end of spring application then how is it save activiti user tables?


Please help me out these issues.