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Document Dashlets problems

Question asked by akafortes on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by akafortes

Hi everyone,

I have a clean installation of Alfresco (installed with the alfresco-ubuntu-installer) and in the Home dashboard, in the "My Documents" dashlet I see an error saying "error loading item".

If I delete the models from solr folder in


The error disappears and I get the default placeholder text, as you can see in the "My-Documents-Dashlet" image.

In alfresco.log I see this line (among other errors as well)

08190019 Failed to execute search:  +@cm\:modified:[2017\-9\-12T00\:00\:00.000 TO 2017\-9\-19T23\:59\:59.999] +@cm\:modifier:"admin" +TYPE:"cm:content" -TYPE:"cm:systemfolder" -TYPE:"fm:forums" -TYPE:"fm:forum" -TYPE:"fm:topic" -TYPE:"fm:post" +(TYPE:"content" OR TYPE:"app:filelink" OR TYPE:"folder")

and in solr.log I see this line (again, among other errors as well)

ERROR [org.apache.solr.util.ConcurrentLRUCache] ConcurrentLRUCache was not destroyed prior to finalize(), indicates a bug -- POSSIBLE RESOURCE LEAK!!!

Bellow I have attached both alfresco and solr log files. I didn't include the share.log because it had no errors in it.


I have found this question Dashlet 'My Documents' empty where someone mentioned that the Dashlet "My Documents" only picks up documents from sites. I created a new site and added/modified a few documents but still the dashlets remained empty, only showing the default placeholder text.


Does anyone else have a simillar problem or faced a simillar behaviour?


Thank you very much for any future help