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Issue with Edit in Microsoft Office

Question asked by andrew.sumner on Sep 26, 2017
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We are running Alfresco Community Edition v5.2f on CentOS 7, but have encountered an issue that I could use some help with:


In the Alfresco Share website, I have created a test folder and uploaded a Word document (docx), I then select the document so it appears in the on-screen editor, and then select "Edit in Microsoft Office" under the Document Actions. This generates a security prompt which I then click Yes to, and the Word 2016 application then opens, however the document never actually loads within Word (its just an empty window).


The laptop (client) I am working from is running Windows 10, Office 2016, Chrome web browser.


Alfresco is running out-of-the-box configuration.


Is there any specific configuration needed to get this feature to work? If not, what is the best way to investigate this issue?


Thanks in advance,