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ADF and Angular Material 2

Question asked by nickchase on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by dvuika

This is the background.....I am building an application using ADF and have update to Angular 2.0.0 beta 11.  I have upgraded to this version because there are a number of UI components which I want to use in workflow forms.  I have just run 'npm start' and when it loads into the browser I get the following error -


Can't bind to 'mdDatepickerToggle' since it isn't a known property of 'button'. ("     <button
            []="'datepickertoggle-' + property.key"
            [ERROR ->][mdDatepickerToggle]="picker">
        <md-datepicker #picker
"): ng:///CardViewModule/CardViewDateItemComponent.html@14:12


Have done some research and this error is because [mdDatepickerToggle] has now been changed by the Material team to <md-datepicker-toggle> element.  Sadly I cant regress to a previous version of Material 2 because of the new UI components.


So, here is my real question.....what should I do about this?


I have pulled a subversion from the ADF repository and was thinking of editing the code to work with the new version of Material 2 but once I have updated the code I am not sure how to use it locally or even if anyone would want me to resubmit to the main ADF branch for inculsion if appropriate.


I have read the ADF docs and am not sure which version of Material 2 they are built against?


Some guidance on best way forward would be appreciated.


Many thanks