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Fetch values of condition variables

Question asked by roopa.thakkar on Sep 27, 2017


I have a client program that manages the communication with Activiti engine. I am using templates which has condition in them. So my client program do a REST call to get values from another  system and on receiving those values my client program pass them to Activiti Engine. 

Following are the steps my program does when my client receives event to mark task A (whose outgoing sequence flow has condition as ${A1 == 1}  or has a gateway whose outgoing flow has condition defined) as complete.

1. Fetch value of A1 from another system using REST call

2. Call Activiti engine API to mark task A as complete.



1. Is there a way or event provided by Activiti to fetch values of these condition variables? I could find events like ACTIVITY_STARTED but as I am doing a REST call I could not pass the parameters required to do the REST call in the events like ACTIVITY_STARTED.  


2. The way I am doing currently to fetch values in my client program is correct?