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Lucene query

Question asked by marypk on Oct 3, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by andy1

Hallo, I hope ask my question in the right forum. Im not a data analyst. So I have only a small knowledge. I have a data analysis tool for that I need lucency query language. Simple query I can do. But I don't know how to define a query with conditions.
My dataset looks like: Transactions from customers. Each transaction the customer can only buy 1 item. The datable looks like that:
Customer Produkt Price Date
1 A 10$ 01.01.2017
1 B 12$ 01.02.2107
2 C 8$ 03.04.2017
3 B 12$ 23.06.2017
The query which im searching for has to show the result: all customers who have bought product A and produkt B in the last year.
The problem is if I I ask produkt: A AND Produkt B than it shows me the sum (customer 1 and customer 3) and not only the customers who have bought both. The result I want to have is only customer 1.
Can somebody help me?
I would appreciate an answer very much!
Kindly regards