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How to implement custom property with dynamic drop-down list in an Alfresco user task based on the value of another property in the current workflow/task?

Question asked by tmacftw on Oct 3, 2017

Hello there,


First of all, thanks to all of you who took their time to read my question and help me out, because I am kind of new to Alfresco. I've made my research before posting the question, but didn't really find a solution to my problem.


So, in my custom project, I have a requirement to make a custom workflow which in one of the tasks has to contain a drop-down list property which dynamically returns different values based on another property, which is previously set on workflow task/execution level. I have read number of articles and tutorials about making a java class which extends ListOfValuesConstraint which I found usefull, but I have two problems with it:
1. I am missing the part of how to get the context from which this is called - I don't know how the get the current task that the property is displayed into and from there to get the value of the other property which to use for the query to return dynamically the values.

2. I've read that there might be some integrity exceptions, but I'm not really sure if this is applicable to user tasks like it is in for other content.


I've also found some information on making custom control ftl templates which with AJAX call some java code which returns the list of properties, but I never found some clear guides on how to actually do this.


I hope someone knows how to handle this particular case.

Thank you in advance!