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How Do I deploy a DMN file?

Question asked by zevielfmr on Oct 6, 2017
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Hello I have created an Decision file (.DMN) with the new activiti-app designer (version 6.0.0), alongside a process.  When I try to run the process I get an error saying decision table not found.  I can't find any documentation that explains how do deploy this decision along with my process.  If I bundle this decision in a zip file along with it's process, it does not deploy the process or the DMN.  How do I deploy this either from the REST API or other?




I'm using community edition V 6.0.0


On a side note there is a bug in the Identitiy management application where you cannot add users to groups.


org.activiti.dmn.engine.ActivitiDmnObjectNotFoundException: no decisions deployed with key 'table2' for parent deployment id '22501'