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How to configure Alfresco to show user's logon name property from active directory?

Question asked by wandss on Oct 6, 2017
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Hello everyone! I've been working with an ECM/BPM platform as System Administrator as well as a developer. I'm new to Alfresco as well as to Alfresco Community. 

Before anything else. Congratulations for everyone at Alfresco and Alfresco Community, Alfresco is really an amazing software and I humbly hope that soon I can contribute so it's get better and better.


I've recently installed a testing server to understand the whole concepts of Alfresco and get to know how it works and it's features and maybe start a plan to migrate from my actual ECM/BPM solution to Alfresco/Activiti.


I could perfectly install and configure Alfresco and syncing to our Active Directory with no problem. Everything is working fine.


Our Active Directory doesn't have the "username" property set, here we use only the "logon_name" instead. Seems that Alfresco checks for the "username" to show who has creates, updates o deletes contents at Alfresco Share, so, when I track a history for any type of content, the information of whom has been the responsible for that history, it's shown "undefined undefined". Like: "undefined undefined has viewed this document".


Is there anyway I can change so Alfresco looks for the "logon_name" Active Directory property?

Case I didn't make myself clear, the login and authentication to active directory is working fine, as well as a user search.


Best regards you all, and once again... amazing product!