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Help needed to execute intermediate timer cache event, which is getting executed without waiting from java API

Question asked by ranjithnis01 on Oct 17, 2017
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Working on the requirement where depending upon the document status from the user task i am triggering mail on document sttaus pending or ending the flow when status is completed.After triggering the mail timer is triggered where it has to wait for certain time and then once again document status user task check will be performed.So the loop will continue till the status get completed.


I have implemented in spring boot where the timer is not waiting upon execution. Upon reading the documentation found that by using managementservice.execute is forces the timer to execute. Where as the timer which is actually a background process which is triggered and run in the background.Is there any way to execute the timer as background process which waits for a time interval.



As of now i have a work around where i am manually making it to sleep by calculating time interval from task start time and job due time.


Please find the source code along with bpm xml file as attchments.