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Loading notification message in alfresco/lists/views/AlfListView - aikau

Question asked by manjrak on Oct 19, 2017

Hi Guys,


I am loading page using "alfresco/lists/views/AlfListView"


In this view, i want to show "loading" message before page renders.
Currently page has huge data so it takes time to load the data.


Issue: by default when page loads, the page displays "loading" message, but for a fraction of seconds.
i want to configure it to more time.


Is there a way i can control it.


// The listing view to render it

var listWidget = {
name: "alfresco/lists/views/AlfListView",
   config: {
         noItemsMessage: "There are no entries to display",
         additionalCssClasses: "alignTable",
        itemKey: "node.nodeRef",
        subscribeToDocRequests: "false",
        widgetsForHeader: headerWidgets,
        widgets: [{
                    name: "alfresco/documentlibrary/views/layouts/Row",
                   config: {
                       widgets: rowWidgets
return listWidget;