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Issues with Alfresco in the cloud

Question asked by cmehta on Oct 19, 2017

We use Alfresco on the cloud to share documents with our clients. Our client is having issues as Alfresco seems to be blocked for them.


Here is the statement from the employee who is looking into the issue. Please if someone could help or give me an contact person who could help resolve this issue for us.


I checked all boundaries from NMCI to DISA and neither the DNS name (alfresco) or the IP address(s) associated with the site are on block lists.


When I attempted to access the site on Firefox I got a bit more information.  I got this error:  SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG


The error indicates that the SSL connection is trying to use a non-standard web port to communicate.  Meaning other than port 443.


With that being said, it appears the site changed its configuration at some point causing this outage.  I do not see any issues on the Navy side for this one.


My suggestion would be to either get this information to one of their technical people to investigate or I am willing to talk to someone if a name can be provided.



Thank you