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Redo Cut/Paste a site to another site

Question asked by marius.dumitrache on Oct 18, 2017

We have an Alfresco 5.0d with CIFS enabled and mapped in Windows Explorer.

One of the Manager users of the 2 sites had drag&drop a site into another site. The folder tree in Windows explorer looks like this now:


--- Site 1

------Document folder of Site 1

------Site 2

--------- Document Folder of Site 2

The reverse action (move the whole folder Site 2 from Site 1 into Site folder) cannot be done - I get the error message that the user does not have permissions.

In the web interface there are no modifications (in Site 1 I don't have any documents form Site 2).

I cannot delete the Site 2 folder from Site 1 in Windows Explorer, because I'll lose the site.


Can anyone have an idee to solve this (other that export all the site 2, delete it and recreate it)?