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Problem copying folders using a scheduled job

Question asked by pedwards99 on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by pedwards99

Morning all,


I've got a problem with a scheduled job that we use to copy folders.


The job reads a csv file that contains a list of folders to be created and the metadata to be applied.

To create the folder I use the FileFolderService.copy(...) method to copy a folder template from /Data Dictionary/Space Templates, then I set the metadata on the new folder.


All of the copying operation works as expected except the copied folder does not get indexed so cannot be searched.


I have found that the job was running as System therefore the copied folders are created/modified by System (no particular reason for this - i was just copying the example code in the documentation). 


If I change the code so the job runs as admin then the copied folders get indexed correctly !!


If I drop the SOLR index and re-build it, the "System" owned folders are still not indexed.


We have just run the job as part of a data migration so now have 500,000+ folders that will not index.


Does anyone know the easiest way to change the creator & modifier of all my folders to admin? I could then re-build the SOLR index and see if it picks them up? Or is there a way to tell SOLR to index System content.