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Alfresco, CMIS and Prepared statement

Question asked by nagatoo on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by andy1

Hi guys, my question is: how, using only an CMIS interface, execute prepared statement query?


My code: 

String query = "SELECT org.cmis:objectId FROM supd:orgStructure "
      + "as org WHERE org.cmis:name like ? AND org.supd:orgStructureKind = ?";


   QueryStatement qs = session.createQueryStatement(query);

   qs.setProperty(1, "%"+name+"%");

   qs.setProperty(2, indexkind);

String statement = qs.toQuerySring();
ItemIterable<QueryResult> results = qs.query(false);


Object session include connection settings (serverDB url, etc...). How get this object, using only CMIS?