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Inbound email: telnet works but Gmail doesn't

Question asked by pasty on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by pasty

I'm setting up an Alfresco AWS instance and trying to configure inbound email.

As per the inbound email documentation I've configured it, hosted the Alfresco mail server on port 1025, set up an iptable rule to forward port 25 --> 1025, set up an folder in Alfresco with the alias 'dropoff' and added my work email as an allowed user for sending emails. I've also ensured all the email ports (25,1025,465,etc.) are open on the EC2 instance

So far so good. If I test everything from my local computer with telnet:

helo mail rcpt data From: Subject: test mail from command line  this is test number 1 sent from linux box .

Then it works. I look in the Alfresco folder and there's the test email document. However, if I use Gmail and sign into and send an email through Gmail, then it doesn't work. It sends with no errors and there's nothing in Alfresco logging, however the document just never appears in the Alfresco folder. The from/to address is the same as the telnet command's one.

Since I can telnet from my local computer to the instance I assume it's not an issue with ports on the EC2 instance. Why would telnet work but sending it via Gmail not?