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New Alfresco install warning message

Question asked by espressobeanies on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by cesarista

I'm first-time installing Alfresco ECM CE 5.2.2 on Ubuntu 1404 and I'm getting the following never-ending message:


Some or all of the libraries needed to support LibreOffice were not found on your system: fontconfig libSM libICE libXrender libXext libcups libGLU libcairo2 libgl1-mesa-glx
You are strongly advised to stop this installation and install the libraries.
For more information, see the LibreOffice documentation at


Since my distro doesn't contain those specific versions, I installed the following: 


"libfontconfig libSM6 libICE6 libXrender1 libXext6 libcups2 libGLU1-mesa"

"libcairo2 libgl1-mesa-glx" were the only packages I didn't need to worry about.


I'm considering filing a bug report. What am I missing?