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ADF in a JHipster Application

Question asked by gdharley on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2019 by oussama.elkhalifi

I am investigating a project option that has a process and content component so will be using APS and ACS, however the client application needs to isolate system of record as well as having a number of non process features (employee scheduler, profile manager etc).

I am considering bootstrapping the main application with JHipster (Angular2 version) and was wondering if anyone had successfully rolled the ADF Components into a JHipster generated app?
Even better, does anyone have a Yeoman sub generator to add ADF components to JHipster? (pipe dream here).

I see there is a little action with Activiti 7 and JHipster (I'm a big fan of both and see are really nice synergy here), but I don't have time to wait for Activiti7.

Any help appreciated.