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Smart folder query

Question asked by wity on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by andy1

I make smart folders and i don't know how write query.


I have three items.

TYPE --> xx:obchmlcenlivost
TYPE --> xx:obchobchodnidokument
ASPECT --> xx:obchtypdokumentuobchod:'Nabídka'


I want smart folder, where i will see all documents which have xx:obchmlcenlivost and xx:obchobchodnidokument without documents which have xx:obchmlcenlivost and xx:obchobchodnidokument and xx:obchtypdokumentuobchod:'Nabídka'.


Now my query looks like this: "query": "=TYPE:'xx:obchobchodnidokument' OR TYPE:'xx:obchmlcenlivost' AND NOT xx:obchtypdokumentuobchod:Nabídka"


And it doesnt work. Can anyone please help ?