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Search and LDAP sync is not working

Question asked by dhinny.putri on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by jpotts

Hallo All,


This is my first question, and I'm newbie here. I have problems regarding Alfresco, hope any of the community member can help me.

I'm currently use Alfresco version 4.2.0 

Here are the Problems:

1. Search features both simple and advanced are not working now. I could not find any document or folder that I had put in the keyword. Is there any of you experienced the same thing? I have read the article regarding this, but there was not specific explanation or issues using the same version as i have.

2. I also used LDAP to sync users from my core database to Alfresco. But looks like the synchronization has stopped, because in Alfresco the total users are not increasing while in my core are increasing. Do you know why that issue can occur? How to load the remaining not sync users?





Hopefully you can help me with these issues.


Best Regards