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Activiti REST API for BPMN2 to Activiti Editor source JSON conversion

Question asked by damiano.falcioni on Nov 14, 2017

Hi community,

I think will be useful to provide in the REST API a method that enable the conversion from BPMN2 to the Activiti Editor Source JSON and back.

Currently this feature is available only in the Java API, so if someone need to use only the REST API like in a pure javascript integration, a wrapper is needed.

The common flow is to upload a BPMN2 model in the repository using the REST API

POST repository/models

Then, in order to have it available in the Activiti Editor, is required to upload the source using the REST API

PUT repository/models/{modelId}/source

Sadly, here, the JSON Source required for the uploaded BPMN2 can be generated only through the Java API, so I created this simple github project that provide such features as a REST service and will be great if this will be integrated in the official Activiti REST API.