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How to use Activiti in manufacturing execution system

Question asked by tuyenhx on Nov 20, 2017

My company is a furniture manufacturing company, we make furnitures from a lot of small wood pieces. We've built a tracking system to track the process of making furnitures, however, this system only worked well in the past when the process was simple. As time goes by, the process is more complicated, we decide to refactor the system to adapt the change.

After a few weeks of researching, I feel that Activiti is suitable for our need. I went through a lot of examples but none of them are as same as my case. Here is my case: 


I have a big product, this product is comprised of many small products and these small products are made from wooden pieces.



The wooden pieces have to pass through 3 processes: CUT, DRILL, PACKAGE.


Our tracking system tracks the status of these wooden pieces in each process and accumulate the status to small product and then big product.



In this picture, the big product has 4 small products or 9 wooden pieces. All of its wooden pieces are finished CUT process and 2 of 9 pieces are finished DRILL process.


So the status of the big product is:

  • CUT: 100%
  • DRILL: 22.2% (Note: 2 of 9 pieces are finished DRILL)
  • PACKAGE: 0%


The status of 4 small products is:

1st small product: 

  • CUT: 100%
  • DRILL: 66.6% (Note: 2 of 3 pieces are finished DRILL)
  • PACKAGE: 0%

2nd small product: 

  • CUT: 100%
  • DRILL: 0%
  • PACKAGE: 0%



I don't know whether Activiti is suitable for this kind of tracking or not. If it was suitable, please give me the idea how to apply it.


Thank you very much!