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Activiti 6 problem rendering form variables

Question asked by karkaletsis on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by fegor

I have a bmp model in which I have defined some form properties in it. I have used "Acitivi Editor" to do this. A section of the bpm file is this

<activiti:formProperty id="status" name="status" type="string"></activiti:formProperty>
<activiti:formProperty id="amount" name="amount" type="string"></activiti:formProperty>
<activiti:formProperty id="file" name="file" type="string"></activiti:formProperty>

When I use the activiti-app to deploy this model to an app and run it from there the forms that are being created from the tool don't contain these form elements.

When I explore the process from the Activiti Admin I can see that variables exist for the tasks. 

So the main problem is the no rendering of the form variables. 

I find that same behavour has the REST API. E.g. when I call the method /runtime/tasks/{taskid} I get a JSON response with the variables key empty.

The only way to get the variables of the task is using java api and method 

FormData formData = formService.getTaskFormData(task.getId());

Could you help on this?