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Upload file with special character

Question asked by on Nov 24, 2017
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In alfresco I've got problème to upload certain file when they have special characers.


Some file withn "éèô" can't be uploaded. Just replacing the accentuated chars with unaccentuated char fix the problem.



The error that appears in the log is the following:


Caused by: org.alfresco.service.cmr.model.FileExistsException: 10240075 File or folder Analyse du rôle et des impacts.pdf already exists
at org.alfresco.repo.model.filefolder.FileFolderServiceImpl.createImpl(
at org.alfresco.repo.model.filefolder.FileFolderServiceImpl.create(


Let me know if you need the whole stacktrace.


What is strange is that some other files with special characters can be uploaded just fine.


I assume there is something wrong in the way by setup is made.


As a side note i have a ngnix in front of alfresco.